Rhodia is a member company of the Solvay Group, a world leader in the development, production, and distribution of specialized chemical products.

Innovation and sustainability at the global level are the core principals of which the company abides by.

Rhodia is the manufacturer of the thread EMANA® of which Cifra has patented its use with the WKS (WARP KNITTING SEAMLESS) knitting technology.

=EMANA® +by Cifra


Research and development is the spirit of which Rhodia is based. The group counts 5 innovation and technology centers, holds more than 100 patents, and invests over 200 million dollars per year. This is the environment where EMANA® was born.


Rhodia obtains 32% of its sales from products that meet the criteria of sustainable development, and well over 90% of these are created along the guidelines of sustainability. Rhodia is part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which puts together all the companies that adopt the best environmental and social policies as well as responsible business practices.

Rhodia has unveiled a brand new fiber, the end result of 4 years of intense research, evaluated through clinical studies and recognized by scientific protocol. A fiber capable of promoting a new concept in clothing, one that allows the interaction between body and fabric as never seen before.

The word that was picked for this innovation is EMANA®

You can find out more in the paragraph entitled what is EMANA®?