EMANA® is a polyamide 6.6, produced by Rhodia. What sets it apart is that bioactive minerals have been inserted within its plyometric matrix. Thanks to this peculiarity EMANA® is able to be created into bioactive clothing.

The interaction between the fabric and the skin helps to improve microcirculatory blood flow and cellular metabolism.

How does it work?

with Emana®,
absorbs the electromagnetic waves emitted by the human body - it then turns said waves around towards the body based on resonance ( "Far Infrared Rays FIR").  This interaction with the body brings about the stimulation of tissue. 

What are "Far Infrared Rays, FIR"?

They are electromagnetic waves that are invisible to the naked eye and are characterized by low energy and penetration that does not provoke any collateral damage to biological tissue. The FIR waves are stimulated thanks to the strong interaction with the water molecules which make up 70% of the human body’s mass.




Download technical report about EMANA® at the following link: