is a brand that came to light out of the integration of EMANA® and the exclusive technology of Cifra Warp Knitting Seamless (WKS)

What makes DOUBLESKIN® products unique compared to what is already available on the market?

Two things -  one is the use of EMANA® yarn, and the other is the technology used in CIFRA knitwear.

CIFRA’s WARP KNITTING SEAMLESS technology allows the creation of clothing that IS SEAMLESS WHERE IT COMES IN CONTACT WITH THE SKIN (on both the legs and upper body)! By being seamless the garment is both comfortable to the touch and allows total freedom of movement:

No other product available on the market today has these characteristics and features.

The complete lack of seams allows the optimization of the benefits brought on by EMANA® in regards to microcirculation. Subsequently it transforms the clothing into a real “second skin”.

CIFRA has patented the use of EMANA® on its looms.

Take a look at the patent: Take a look at the patent

What are the main advantages of this product?

A remarked improvement  in microcirculatory blood flow and of cellular metabolism are the principals effects of EMANA®. These effects even bring with them important side benefits such as:

Cosmetic Benefits:

The augmentation of the microcirculatory blood flow brings about an improvement in collagen synthesis and therefore and increase in the skin’s elasticity and softness. This in turn gives the skin a very youthful appearance all the while reducing the signs of cellulite.

  • +9% increase in collagen synthesis.
  • Increase in skin softness.
  • Increase in skin elasticity.

The reduction in cellulite can reach upwards of 12%.

To achieve these results, EMANA® must be worn for at least 6 straight hours a day for a consecutive period of 30 days. It can be used as a “second skin” – while at work, in the gym, or on any other occasion.

Due to the fact that EMANA®’s special characteristics are activated by body heat, even the slightest amount of physical activity increases the garments effectiveness.

Benefits in athletic performance:

While worn during sport or physical exertion, these garments not only activate microcirculation but also reduce the formation of lactic acid and positively influence the oxygenation of cells. Consequently there is an increase in physical performance, and muscle recovery time is reduced.

During athletic performance:


  • Reduction in the accumulation of lactic acid
  • Thermoregulation improves

Have these benefits been clinically tested?

40% of  Rhodia Group’s turnover comes from the consumer goods market. The know-how of the group in the cosmetic industry is legendary, and right from the very start of the EMANA® project all necessary global clinical tests were carried out. These tests are the results of the use of research laboratories under strict medical control - henceforth assuring results that can be recognized by scientific protocol.

Does the EMANA® fiber garment have an expiration date?

No, seeing that its special properties are intrinsic to the yarn, there is no need for additives to be applied to the finished garment.

The properties of DOUBLESKIN® are permanent and do not go away when washed.

The bioactive crystals are integrated into the yarn itself - allowing the effectiveness of the fiber to remain unaltered over time despite frequent washes.



EMANA® is a fiber created by the combination of  a sophisticated polyamide 6.6, and a polymer with added bioactive crystals. These crystals are built right into the DNA of the fiber itself and consequently it has clear advantages over other fiber technologies:

  • Comfort and maintenance: garments produced with EMANA® are as comfortable as those made with normal polyamide, and no special care is needed while handling  or washing the article. What’s more is that they have the same maintenance requirements as regular polyamide microfiber.
  • Hypoallergenic: EMANA® has been certified by Oeko-Tex. The interaction between EMANA® and the skin is exclusively physical in nature, all without the need of the direct application of chemicals that are harmful to the body.
  • Easy Care and Eco-Friendly:  all products manufactured with EMANA® are easy to wash, dry, and do not need ironing. The production process of EMANA® produces no waste and is therefore an environmentally friendly “green” fiber.

Are there any contradictions in using these products?

At the moment it is advised that such products are not be used in cases of deep cuts in the skin and by pregnant women.