Performance Enhancing

Technology and innovation

It’s not only competitive athletes who need high performance clothing with specific technical features, but also people who work out either to keep themselves in shape or simply just to have fun.

Our products help both athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts alike helping them to go beyond their limits, allowing them to reach new records.


is the only garment of Emana without seams in contact with the skin


Doubleskin garments are made with an highly flexible and reliable technique . They use the most innovative materials to be found anywhere such as EMANA® thread, produced by Rhodia. This particular thread has given birth to a new generation of clothing with bioactive features. These new advances brings the interaction between skin and fabric to a whole new level.



Better body thermoregulation: thanks to the augmentation of microcirculatory blood flow the distribution of heat on the skin’s surface is more uniform - consequently the body disperses of heat faster and maintains a better thermal equilibrium during physical exertion.   

Increase in muscular efficiency and resistance: by increasing microcirculatory blood flow there is a progressive reduction in the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles, the outcome is the reduction in perceived physical exertion.



A line of products that an athlete simply cannot do without!

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