A revolutionary fiber

, in its continuous search for innovations that bring real benefits for consumers, is now offering a range of products made with the emana fiber by Rhodia.





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Emana is the result of intensive scientific and technological research. It works for your well being searching for a new esthetic and comfort standard.

Emana is a technology leap that enables the development of fabrics that go beyond of just dressing and embellishing. This fiber creates a generation of products with bioactive characteristics that provide a new level of fabric-skin interaction.

Besides comfort and beauty, garments made of emana provide improved health and well being.



Emana is built with bioactive crystals that absorb the human body heat to return it in the form of long infrared rays. These rays penetrate into the skin and interact with the body, stimulating blood microcirculation and cellular metabolism

Scientific research verified benefits for body performance and skin aspect.